Throughout my studio research and projects I am constantly appropriating and filtering through sources of text. I use my intellectual body as a form of physical membrane. As the appropriated material passes through this membrane it eliminates excess visual refuse. What’s left after this harvesting process I reorganize, rearrange, stitch, glue, type and copy into new narratives, written documents, printed poetry, collaged surfaces, three-dimensional objects, zines, and bound book like objects.

The conceptual writing pieces mock the everyday experiential consumption of language as commonplace forms of printed text. I believe a great deal of our personal and collective perceptions influence and impact the use and understanding of language as symbol and referent within specific groups to form identity. My work gouges at the surface of these aspects we take for granted and attempts to expose how dependent our sense of self is on the language we use to describe our world and our place within it.

Solo: 1984
Interpersonal Postcards Project: One-Dimensional Man
Help Yourself
Stage 5
When My Body Talks
The Side Effects of Feeling Good
Apologia (auto-biographical)
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