Melinda is a conceptual artist, writer and professional fine art figure model living and working in the Greater Philadelphia area, in Pennsylvania.

What would communication, and furthermore, our observations be like if certain amounts of qualitative characteristics were omitted? How would the omitted information affect our comprehension? What is necessary language in our signage and what exists simply as redundant noise?

Forms of communication fascinate me: specifically language spoken and written. Visual, emotional and psychological concepts about communication are integrated throughout my work, which investigates “framing” and social theory. My work explores how perceptions, both personal and social, influence and impact the use and understanding of language as symbol and referent within specific groups to form identity.

Solo: 1984
Interpersonal Postcards Project: One-Dimensional Man
Help Yourself
Stage 5
When My Body Talks
The Side Effects of Feeling Good
Apologia (auto-biographical)
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